Meet Brighley Dangerfield

I began personal styling for family and friends years ago, before I even realized that I could pursue it as a career. As someone who has always had an undying love for fashion, I wanted to share it with those around me. I began picking out pieces here and there for friends and family, based on my perception of their personality and style.


Early in to my career I began working in e-Commerce where I was introduced to working with multiple brands and styling for marketing campaigns and a hand in studio.

After many requests to take this path more seriously, and one defining, gratitude-filled message from a lady, I finally decided to act on it and become a Fashion Stylist.

Whether you need wardrobe styling for film, business or personal projects, I am confident in my ability to help you achieve your goals. If there is anything you have questions about, please do get in contact. Otherwise, head on over to styling services page and begin filling in the pre-service questionnaire.



Brighley  Dangerfield

(Pronounced like 'Riley' with a B in-front)

When did you start personal styling?

Personal styling started with friends and family for the longest time, I had been doing it for so long without even realising. Since freelancing as a stylist, I have been able to reach more women and help them with their personal style goals and their wardrobes. Additionally, it’s been amazing seeing all the love from women I have been able to help through my free non-tailored styling advice on my Instagram page @styling.bd.new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

When did you start fashion styling?

Fashion styling was something I fell into when I began working in e-Commerce for a major multi-brand online retailer. My main role was assistant buying and then was asked if I would be interested in styling the marketing campaigns for the company (um, yes!). I have had the opportunity to work with some beautiful talented people such as Helena Vestergaard, Kristina Mendonca, Mike Calvino, Troy Freeye and Bree Warren – excuse the name drop, but they are simply talented people and worth name dropping! Since then, I have worked with another major retailer, smaller businesses, portfolio shoots, and most recently been employed as a part-time stylist for Grace Loves Lace (a dream!).

How did @styling.bd start on Instagram?

During the COVID19 lockdown I needed an extra creative outlet and an excuse to put outfits together. One thing I noticed on social media is that there wasn’t a whole lot of genuine style advice going around – no one that really explained why or how certain outfits worked. I was able to do that for women and loved that I could do it. It's been very heart warming to receive messages from women sending me their thanks for helping them (even though the post advice isn't tailored to one person). People telling you that you have boosted their confidence and they feel happy with themselves is really an unmatched feeling.

What do you do in your spare time?

The beauty of being able to freelance is that I have been able to make life my own all the time! So, it's probably best to tell you what I do with my time when i'm not on the job.

  • Recently I was employed as a part-time stylist at Grace Loves Lace (dream!)
  • I do bouldering at Alpine indoor climbing
  • Working on entering the creative world of film as an extra/actress and have been lucky enough to be twice featured on a major 2021 feature film, plus a music video, with more projects on the way
  • Renovating my first investment property with my partner
  • Admiring our gorgeous little Cocker Spaniel puppy, Bernie
  • Yoga, journalling, meditating
  • Going out with the girls and getting social

How do you pronounce your name?

haha a lifelong battle of mine! It's pronounced like 'Riley' but with a 'B' in-front; B-Riley. I pretty much respond to anything now though.

What is your personal style?

You will often find me in two types of styles: 1. Easy and loose-fitting; or 2. Tailored, classic and clean The one thing that you will find consistent with my personal taste is that I adore quality. I don't follow trends. I am aware of them and if something sticks out that I like and will suit me for the long haul, I will buy into it. To give you a better idea of my personal style, these are some of my favourite brands:

  • Aje
  • Alice McCall
  • YSL/Saint Laurent
  • Zara
  • Sabo Skirt
  • Bec+Bridge

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