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Brighley Dangerfield


Brighley Dangerfield is an experienced, Gold Coast based Personal and Fashion Stylist. For a number of years she has been involved in working with major online retailers styling a mix of their marketing campaigns and e-Commerce gallery. 

During the peak of COVID19 she started as a creative outlet and to share basic styling tips for women. In a matter of months she resigned from her day job to pursue freelance styling and working in the creative industry. 

Through Brighley's years of experience in e-Commerce and working with personal clients, she has been able to enhance her natural eye for detail and deliver beyond expectations.

Whether you are in search for a personal stylist or a stylist to communicate your brand message, rest assured that you are in capable and confident hands.

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About This Service

Corporate & Business Workplace Wardrobe Styling

A great gift idea for your employees, whether it's for new starters, recent probation completion, milestones, Christmas, or whenever a thank you is due. Not only is this a great gift idea, it helps set a company standard. This service combines your company dress code and your employees personality - together creating a 'uniform' and confidently dressed individual.

Your business will complete the initial pre-service questionnaire and when you are ready to book in your employee, they will complete a separate questionnaire that allows me to get to know them and their current style situation. Although this isn't for their personal wardrobes, it's still important that they wear what they do with confidence and comfort. It's the perfect mix of their personality and your brand.


It is recommended that you allow your worker two-three hours for the shopping/styling experience and provide them with a budget (whether it is worked into their pay as a company offer or completely covered by the business is up to you).


Gold Coast businesses do not incur travel costs. Gold Coast to Brisbane, including CBD are charged $39 per travel day. 

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What's Included

Corporate & Business Workplace Styling

  • The business first completes the pre-service questionnaire. This is where information on the workplace is provided. I ask questions about the industry the business is in, the current office environment and what your business message is. This is to get an understanding of how you would like the public to perceive the business

  • The employee will complete a separate pre-service questionnaire which helps me understand their personality, how they feel in the workplace and what their outfit goals are. It's so important that we don't try to change the individual and rather find the perfect balance between personal taste and a business standard. In return you are greeted with a confidentiality dressed workplace with a 'uniform' message to the public

  • I like to only take one employee out at a time with this service to build rapport and in return have them feel comfortable about speaking up about the outfits they try on

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Important Service Notes

Corporate & Business Workplace Styling




​I recommend: 


  • Pre-paying for as many vouchers for this service as you like to keep on-hand. They have a one year from purchase expiry

  • If this is a gift to an employee, that you include a shopping budget

  • If this an offer for employees to take-up that you discuss potentially having an amount deducted from their pay over a period of time and the company pays for the actual service

  • At least a $250 shopping budget. However, this is dependant on the workplace and how many pieces the employee would like - we can determine a more accurate figure prior to booking confirmation

  • Allowing 2-3hrs per employee for the service

  • Discussing with your accountant if this 'gift' is tax deductible 


  • This service is only available Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays



Quick call to go over your answers and for an introduction. If you're happy to go ahead, I will send bank details for payment

Have your employee complete their pre-service questionnaire (separate to what the business completed) and we will book a time for the experience

Shopping day! Your employee and I will meet at a suitable shopping location for 2-3hrs


Frequently Asked Questions

General Q&A's


Where are you based?

I am a Gold Coast, Australia based fashion and personal stylist

What is your experiece?

I have been working in e-Commerce Fashion for a few years styling outfits for campaigns, commercials, assisting in ecommerce styling, implementing sample processes for pre-shoots and various other projects. Recently, I have been working with some select smaller brands to style their product and help them grow their business. Additionally, I have been in the enviroment of a major feature film and know that time constraints involved (please note that I was not involved in wardrobe at this point). For as long as I can remember, people have asked for my style guidance and opinion. Above all, I am confident in my skills to leave you with a more than satisfied result. You can find out more about my expertise on my Instagram page After more information? Contact me with any questions you have and I will get back to as soon as

Who pays for the shopping?

The price I invoice you for is purely for the service. Any items bought by the client are at the clients cost. The shopping budget is decided between you and your employees. However, before confirming a booking we can discuss a reasonable budget, based on your work environment.

Is a deposit required?

This particular service requires upfront payment

Do you offer payment plans?

In some circumstances we can discuss a payment plan - get in contact and see what we can do.

You don't advertise a styling service I am after - do you offer custom services?

Absolutely! If what you're after doesn't fit into any of the services I currently advertise, please feel free to contact me with what it is you are after and we will work out pricing and inclusions.

What if I don't like your outfit options?

This really shouldn't ever be an issue as I do my best to ensure that I get to know your business, employee and message before picking out items to avoid any disappointment. Your employee is also on the experience with me to have the final say.

What are your travel fees?

- Zone 1 (Gold Coast) : No travel fee - Zone 2 (Gold Coast+Surrounds) : $29 travel fee - Zone 3 (South of QLD Border) : $39 travel fee - Zone 4 (South of Brisbane+CBD) : $39 travel fee - Plane travel: at cost of client, including accommodation and transport. Discussed prior to booking confirmation. Zone Maps: * Click here to view document Gold Coast: Brisbane: South of QLD Border:

Do you style men?

I sure do! A lot of my work is based around working with women, however I have plenty of experience styling men in a commercial enviroment. In-fact I love creating complimenting looks between men and women.

Do you pick up the employees?

In circumstances where the employee is not able to get to the shopping location, we can discuss a pick-up. Otherwise, we will meet at an agreed location.

How long do you recommend to allow for the shopping experience?

2-3 hours

Can I pre-pay for the service and not use the vouchers straight away?

Of course! I will keep them active for 1 year from purchase. So you can buy as many as you like and have them on hand to give out whenever you please.



Stylist Pricing

Workplace Styling Rate

1-5 employees: $149ea

6-10 employees: $145ea

11-25 employees: $135ea

26-35 employees: $129ea

More than 36 employees? Get in contact to discuss

Pre-Service Questionnaire link

Travel Fees

Please view FAQs for breakdown


- Please read FAQs for more information

- 1.5% credit card surcharge. No fee if paying by bank transfer



Ready to chat?

- Online shopping service


Be sure to fill in the 'Pre-Service Questionnaire' (see step 1 on each service page for link) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This questionnaire provides me essential information to get the most out of working together.

The links can also be found in the pricing information above or feel free to contact me directly for the link.





0403 187 046 - please text first, as I may be with a client




Additional Information

Other Services

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Corporate/Business/ Workplace Styling

This is all about getting to know your personality, and assessing your concerns and wardrobe. It does not necessarily require you to go buy a whole new wardrobe.


I offer a range of services in this category that all essentially leave you feeling more confident in your wardrobe.

Unlike creative fashion campaigns, e-commerce is all about selling the product and making sure it is the main focus of the image.


I make sure the model is there to compliment the product, not necessarily to be the face of it. It is to make sure that the product 'pops' so that the customer doesn't get confused about what you are selling

This is likely an event where you want to be seen in what isn't your everyday wear and you want to hear the words  'WOW! You look amazing!'


I get to know about you, the event, your outfit goals and then bring it altogether.

Bringing your creative ideas to life to sell a lifestyle and brand message.

Your product is shown in a setting that communicates a feeling and leaves the customer longing for that look and lifestyle.

Great option for e-Commerce stores producing creative marketing/social content

A great gift idea for your employees, whether it's for new starters, recent probation completion, milestones, Christmas, or whenever a thank you is due. Not only is this a great gift idea, it helps set a company standard. This service combines your company dress code and your employees personality - together creating a 'uniform' and confidently dressed individual.