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Brighley Dangerfield


Brighley Dangerfield is an experienced, Gold Coast based Personal and Fashion Stylist. For a number of years she has been involved in working with major online retailers styling a mix of their marketing campaigns and e-Commerce gallery. 

During the peak of COVID19 she started as a creative outlet and to share basic styling tips for women. In a matter of months she resigned from her day job to pursue freelance styling and working in the creative industry. 

Through Brighley's years of experience in e-Commerce and working with personal clients, she has been able to enhance her natural eye for detail and deliver beyond expectations.

Whether you are in search for a personal stylist or a stylist to communicate your brand message, rest assured that you are in capable and confident hands.

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About This Service

Creative Marketing Content Styling

Fashion and creative marketing shoots are always an exciting time within a business. They simply start with a vision and then that vision is brought to life by some selected creatives; photographers, models, HMUA, marketing minds and stylists.


Many people don't realise the difference that a stylist has on a creative campaign 'anyone can put some clothes together, right?' Well, yes. However, not everyone knows how to tell a story through an outfit. Stylists can be the difference between whether your campaign is a success or not and often heavily influences the overall direction of a campaign. It takes an eye for detail, an understanding of your brand or campaign message and being able to communicate that message through outfits and environment.


Because you're already looking at hiring a stylist, you are likely aware of the benefits of using one. The next page explain what I can do for you. Keep in mind, if you have any other requests for inclusions, please let me know and i'm happy to work within your needs.


How I Can Help You With Your Creative Campaign

Editorial, Lookbook and Content Fashion Styling

  • Together, we will fine tune your creative direction for the campaign - let's get clear about your vision and then I will use my skills to communicate your message through the outfits

  • By understanding the colours, cuts and designs of your range, I can assist in making final model selection, as not all models are suitable, so it is important that the right talent is selected. Alternatively, if you have your talent lined up, I will style the perfect look around the chosen model/s and make sure your collection is shown as intended.

  • A stylist generally plays an important role in setting a creative direction and coordinating on the day. A moodboard is a item that helps everyone involved to get a feel for the intended aesthetic of the shoot and is something that I create, under the guidance of your vision. It is handed to all parties involved and used as reference on the day

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Need help finding a Hair & Makeup Artist in your area? As an added bonus, I can help you with this - free of charge. Booking & payment is coordinated by you.

  • Hair and Makeup also plays a very important role in setting a vibe. For this reason, my service includes creating a suggested HMU direction board that the HMUA can easily reference on the day. 

  • During the creation of the moodboard, I will also gather some poses for the model. Experienced models will have their poses sorted, but the moodboard poses are for any key angles or looks to not forget on the day

  • A huge part of my role as your stylist is using my eye for detail to pick up on any alterations needed during the shoot. This means picking up on things out of place, such as hair, tags, garment placement and background objects. It also can save you a lot of money and time when it comes to having your images edited

  • Need help with final image selection to have edited/use? I can also help with this

My job as your stylist is showcase your pieces in a way that sells a lifestyle to your customer

Important Service Notes

Creative Marketing Content Styling

  • For standard shoots, preparation time has been factored into rates - you are not charged separately for this. If the shoot is large-scale, an additional hourly rate may be charged. However, this will be confirmed prior to securing the booking for your budgeting purposes.

  • Preparation includes pre-styling the outfits, creating the HMU direction board for the HMUA and any other admin associated. 

  • Steaming can usually be completed on the day while the model is being prepped in hair and makeup. However, the shooting location must have access to water and electricity to use the steamer. Alternatively, I will need to be sent the garments or have them available to pick up (Gold Coast businesses only) to steam from my office prior to shooting.

  • Drive time does not count towards work hours (you won't be charged). Please see FAQs for when travel costs occur.

  • Props, furniture and background objects is looked after/sourced by you

  • In circumstances where there is a lot of outfit changes required, I may need access to the location or product earlier to have enough time to steam and organise the outfits in order

  • If your require me to find a shoot location and/or model, I can do this for an additional fee. However, payment and booking confirmation must be handled by you. There is no additional fee for helping you make your final model selection, only if you need me to initiate the search for the right talent.

  • Available to businesses located between Brisbane - Byron Bay area. Travel fees may apply - see FAQs.



Quick call to go over your answers and for an introduction. If you're happy to go ahead, I will send bank details for the deposit.


Option to send pictures of the product/s, post them or organise pick-up for pre-styling. The latter is preferable.


Shoot day! I come in and steam, put the outfits together, dress the model and make sure product is showcased at its best to sell your brand or campaign message!


Balance of service price is paid and hopefully we can start working on the next collection.

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Option Two:

Front-End Website Audit for New or Small Businesses



Fill in the pre-service questionnaire to help me learn about your brand/website goals


After analysing your answers, we will have a quick call to go over them and to formally introduce myself. 

If you're happy to go ahead, I will send over the details to organise payment.


Once your deposit has been paid, I will begin the audit. Depending on the size of your website, you should receive this within one week.

  • Small or new e-commerce retailers who want to improve sales and customer site experience 

  • Front-end website audit (in other words, what the customer sees)

  • Honest feedback and guidance on where you need to make changes to increase conversions and lower your bounce back rate

  • I use my e-commerce experience from two large retailers to help you grow and improve your business

  • Includes a quick social media check, on-top of the full website audit

  • A fraction of the cost of a consultancy firm

More information:

​For new brands who have never been in the business before, I understand how difficult it can be to find your site consistency. You might have a great vision and product, but for some reason customers aren't responding as well as you hoped. You might be feeling a bit lost and not sure where to go for advice without having to spend thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you may be a very small online retailer who is isn't getting as many customer conversions as you like or have a less favourable bounce rate? This service is to do with product, content and the site experience. I don't consider myself an expert in this field, but I do have the experience and understanding from working within e-Commerce for two large online retailers, in various departments. From this, I have been able understand what a new/small online retailer needs to get them started on the right foot or to get them on track. I personally audit your website from the front-end (i.e. what the customer sees) and provide you with honest feedback of where your website needs to improve to help with customer conversion. My goal is to use my experience to help you grow your business. Being this is not a 'professional' service, it costs a fraction of the price of a consulting firm. Nonetheless you will come out of this service with key guidance and put on the right track to making more sales.

Service includes a $89 voucher to use towards in-person e-Commerce styling or 10% discount on virtual styling for e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Q&A's

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Where are you based?

I am a Gold Coast, Australia based fashion and wardrobe stylist

What is your experiece?

I have been working in e-Commerce Fashion for a few years styling outfits for campaigns, assisting in ecommerce styling, implementing sample processes for pre-shoots and various other projects. Recently, I have been working with some select smaller brands to style their product and help them grow their business. For as long as I can remember, people have asked for my style guidance and opinion. Above all, I am confident in my skills to leave you with a more than satisfied result. You can find out more about my expertise on my Instagram page After more information? Contact me with any questions you have and I will get back to as soon as

Who pays for the additional styling pieces?

Unless I have suitable pieces available on hand, additional styling pieces are usually at the cost of the client. In some cases, your model may be able to bring the missing items. If you do need to purchase styling items, I can link you to the recommended products at a suitable price point or for a small additional fee (unless you are an accessory, footwear or jewellery brand), I can organise the purchase of these items within your budget. Receipts will be provided and must be paid as soon as possible. - This is not financial advice, but anything that you buy for your business (including styling pieces) should be tax deductible - check with your accountant. - If you are a multi-brand website, some of your brands may be willing to 'promo' some pieces to be used. If you are not a multi-brand site or only sell clothing, I can assist with searching for another brand willing to collaborate.

Is a deposit required?

A 15% deposit or upfront payment is required to secure a booking. The balance is due 7 days from shoot taking progress to be finalised. Note that there is a 1.5% credit card fee or if paying by bank transfer, there is no fee.

Do you offer payment plans?

In some circumstances we can discuss a payment plan - get in contact and see what we can do.

You don't advertise a styling service I am after - do you offer custom services?

Absolutely! If what you're after doesn't fit into any of the services I currently advertise, please feel free to contact me with what it is you are after and we will work out pricing and inclusions.

What if I don't like your outfit options?

This really shouldn't ever be an issue as I do my best to ensure that I get to know your brand goals and message before preparing outfits to avoid disappointment all together. If at the stage of fine-tuning the looks you are unhappy, I will keep working until the desired look is achieved.

What are your travel fees?

- Zone 1 (Gold Coast) : No travel fee - Zone 2 (Gold Coast+Surrounds) : $29 travel fee - Zone 3 (South of QLD Border) : $39 travel fee - Zone 4 (South of Brisbane+CBD) : $39 travel fee Zone Maps: * Click here to view document Gold Coast: Brisbane: South of QLD Border:

What do you do on-set for a and ecomm studio and/or creative shoots?

Besides pre-styling the outfits and prepping them, other things that I do include: - Creating moodboards for the creative direction. This is to set a theme and helps all talent involved work uniformly. For example, the moodboard will contain HMU for the HMUA to follow. The model can use this to get in the mindset of the theme and use as pose inspiration. This is applicable to marketing shoots, not necessarily for e-Commerce product images. - Purchasing or sourcing styling items if not owned (usually items such a jewellery and footwear. Note that this may be at the cost of the business, but will be discussed prior) - Dressing the model/s to ensure that they wear the outfit correctly and that everything is sitting right - temporary adjustments may also be made - One of the most important things I do, because it saves you lots of time and money spent on editing, is making sure the details are correct. This includes things such as hair placement, garment placement, background objects and poses. The photographer is usually busy focusing on other matters, which makes it difficult to always keep an eye out for things out of place.

Do you offer re-booking discounts?

Absolutely! I love rewarding repeat clients. You will receive a 10% discount on each re-book (from the original, advertised price). If you run over the minimum 6hr booking, the discount will be off the total invoice (excluding any styling pieces that needed to be purchased)

I am an accessory, footwear or jewellery brand - what is the price for me?

In creative campaigns it is safe to assume that models will still require dressing. The shoot may not demand as many outfit changes as needed if you were mainly an apparel retail, but in some cases, your category of business may actually require more work. This is because if you don't have the garments specified to style with I will likely be reaching out to other brands to see if they are willing to collaborate and if not, under your budget requirements, I will need to go find and purchase these items (if I don't own anything suitable). For the above reasons, unless you have the apparel ready to style with, the price is the same across the board. If you do have the apparel, we will discuss prior to confirmation of booking.

Do you style men?

I sure do! A lot of my work is based around working with women, however I have plenty of experience styling men in a commercial enviroment. In-fact I love creating complimenting looks between men and women.



Stylist Pricing

Creative Styling Rate

Preparation time is factored into rates

$419 for 6hrs (min. booking time) $59ph after

Pre-Service Questionnaire link

Front-End Website Audit (brands who need help getting on track)


Pre-Service Questionnaire Link

Travel Fees

Please view FAQs for breakdown


- Please read FAQs for more information

- 1.5% credit card surcharge. No fee if paying by bank transfer



Ready to chat?

- Online shopping service


Be sure to fill in the 'Pre-Service Questionnaire' (see step 1 on each service page for link) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This questionnaire provides me essential information to get the most out of working together.

The links can also be found in the pricing information above or feel free to contact me directly for the link.





0403 187 046 - please text first, as I may be with a client




Additional Information

Other Services

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Personal Wardrobe

This is all about getting to know your personality, and assessing your concerns and wardrobe. It does not necessarily require you to go buy a whole new wardrobe.


I offer a range of services in this category that all essentially leave you feeling more confident in your wardrobe.

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E-Commerce Gallery Styling

Unlike creative fashion campaigns, e-commerce is all about selling the product and making sure it is the main focus of the image.


I make sure the model is there to compliment the product, not necessarily to be the face of it. It is to make sure that the product 'pops' so that the customer doesn't get confused about what you are selling


Occasion & Event

Fashion Styling

Unlike creative fashion campaigns, e-commerce is all about selling the product and making sure it is the main focus of the image.


I make sure the model is there to compliment the product, not necessarily to be the face of it. It is to make sure that the product 'pops' so that the customer doesn't get confused about what you are selling

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Commercial Film Advertisement Styling

This service is offered to any industry who is creating a commercial or film advertisement.


Your actors/actresses will be dressed tailored to the type of ad and not have the outfit distract the audience from the real message you are communicating to the audience.

If you are wanting to produce 'still' images for an advertisement, please view the Creative Marketing Shoots service.

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Corporate/Business/ Workplace Styling

A great gift idea for your employees, whether it's for new starters, recent probation completion, milestones, Christmas, or whenever a thank you is due. Not only is this a great gift idea, it helps set a company standard. This service combines your company dress code and your employees personality - together creating a 'uniform' and confidently dressed individual.