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Brighley Dangerfield


Brighley Dangerfield is an experienced, Gold Coast based Personal and Fashion Stylist. For a number of years she has been involved in working with major online retailers styling a mix of their marketing campaigns and e-Commerce gallery. 

During the peak of COVID19 she started as a creative outlet and to share basic styling tips for women. In a matter of months she resigned from her day job to pursue freelance styling and working in the creative industry. 

Through Brighley's years of experience in e-Commerce and working with personal clients, she has been able to enhance her natural eye for detail and deliver beyond expectations.

Whether you are in search for a personal stylist or a stylist to communicate your brand message, rest assured that you are in capable and confident hands.

View a full bio of Brighley Dangerfield on the About Page

About This Service

Personal Styling

Are your current clothes bringing your down? Done with your wardrobe? Just want some new outfits to feel good in? This is the service for you. 

Personal styling is all about helping you have more confidence in your wardrobe and style. I offer three main services to help you achieve your style goals:

- Personal shopping service

- Wardrobe clearout

- Styling a specific piece that you own

Each of these begin with you completing a pre-service questionnaire where key questions are asked to learn about you, your concerns, lifestyle and goals. After completing the pre-service questionnaire your answers are analysed, then followed up with a quick call. This is where we confirm your booking and the deposit is paid for the real work to begin.

Please read FAQs and complete the pre-service questionnaire

Click here to view the Wardrobe services


Option One:

Online Shopping Service

Available for Gold Coast residents; Brisbane available with $39 travel fee 

3-4hr session

Complete with a PDF look-book from the day

Read FAQs for more information




Is this you? "I get so overwhelmed when I try to shop online. There's so much to choose from and I end up buying nothing" or "I don't know who to trust when I shop online or even where to go to"


These are two common sentences I hear from women and I get it. It is overwhelming for most people. Luckily,
I can take this stress all off your hands and confidently do that shopping for you! In-fact, working in an online retail environment has been my career for the past few years, so rest assured that you're in experienced hands.


Your payments, returns etc. remain completely between you and the retailer - i'm the middle person doing the shopping and styling for you!


Complete the Personal Styling pre-service questionnaire


Before securing your booking I will be in contact to go over your answers


Sit back and go about your day-to-day while I do the online shopping for you.


Receive your styling document & URL's to purchase items of your choice.


Option Two:

In-Person Shopping Experience 

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Complete the Personal Styling pre-service questionnaire. This provides key details about your current style situation, lifestyle and wardrobe goals


Quick call to go over your answers and meet.

If you're happy to book-in, I will send you the payment details and confirm a to complete the service


Shopping day! Bring a positive attitude and an open mind

  • Available for Gold Coast residents, Brisbane available with $39 travel fee 

  • 3-4hr session

  • Complete with a PDF look-book from the day

  • Read FAQs for more information

Online shopping not for you? No problems! There's nothing quite like getting an item right then and there, knowing it fits, having a physical feel for the product - you get it, there's benefits... 

If you're in-need for some professional guidance and suggestions on what to purchase to feel great in, my personal in-store shopping experience is for you.


Through understanding your personal taste and the person you want the world to see, we will pick you out the perfect pieces and avoid anything that just ends up hanging in your closet. 

Ready for a successful shopping trip that leaves you feeling like a new woman? Complete your pre-service questionnaire now and let's get started!

Looking to use this service again? While you're absolutely welcome to come for the experience, if you have other things to do, I can complete the in-person shopping service alone and either put the pieces on hold or purchase, with your approval


General Q&A's

Where are you based?

I am a Gold Coast, Australia based fashion and personal stylist

Where will you travel for the in-store shopping experience?

This service is offered on the Gold Coast, usually at Pacific Fair or Robina. If you are in Brisbane, I can travel to any of the major shopping centres for $39 travel fee.

How long should I allow for the In-Store Shopping Experience?

Please allow 3-4hrs.

What is your experiece?

I have been working within the e-Commerce fashion industry for the past few years styling marketing campaigns, e-Commerce product galleries, assistant buying and blogging and keeping an eye on offerings. In terms of personal styling, I have worked with a handful of personal clients since freelancing and various others over the years. For as long as I can remember friends and family have come to me for styling advice and since starting, so have many other people have as well. After more information? Contact me with any questions you have and I will get back to as soon as

Who pays for the shopping?

The pricing is purely for the service only and anything that you wish to purchase is in addition to the service cost. This gives you complete control over what you choose to buy and keep within your budget. Keep in mind, that when I recommend/find you your items, I will always do my best to stick within your budget. Depending on your personal taste (brands, stores) and how many items you have in mind to purchase will determine your recommended budget. We will discuss this on our call to discuss your questionnaire answers.

Is a deposit required?

a 20% deposit is required to secure the booking and the balance is due to be transferred 3 days before the service commences. Alternatively, you can pay for the entire service upfront and receive a 5% discount. Please note, if you pay via credit card there is a 2% surcharge on each transaction. If you pay via bank transfer, there is no fee.

Do you offer payment plans?

In some circumstances we can discuss a payment plan - get in contact and see what we can do.

You don't advertise a personal shopping service I am after - do you do custom personal shopping services?

Absolutely! If what you're after doesn't fit into any of the services I currently advertise, please feel free to contact me with what it is you are after and we will work out pricing and inclusions.

RE: Online Shopping; Do you shop for deals?

Yes. However, I weigh-up where I send you based on factors such as, if the retailer offers free shipping, what their returns policy is like, convenience of shopping with a select few retailers or multiple ones and of course the price.

What happens if I don't fit or like the clothes? (Services where you are not present)

I will always do my best to pick retailers that offer refunds. However, there are circumstances where some retailers will not offer refunds, only credit notes: In-store: If I am in a store that doesn't offer refunds, I will send you a picture of the item to confirm that you like it and then have it held or purchased. Online: I will make note in the document. If you don't like something that you have purchased, simply send me confirmation of return and I will happily find an alternative option, free of charge, until you get what you're after. **Applicable only to services where are not present in the actual shopping

Do you shop for men?

I sure do! My services aren't usually aimed at men, but they are equally as exciting to work with. In my experience, men usually only require 2, maybe 3hrs, depending on how many items we are searching for.



Transparent Pricing

Virtual Shopping

Option One: $159 for 3 outfits, $19 a piece thereafter -

Outfit is inclusive of accessorising and footwear tips (full head-to-toe looks)


Option Two: Not after outfits and rather specific items? Pricing will vary depending on what/how much you are after. This will be discussed prior to booking confirmation.

Pre-Service Questionnaire link

In-Store Shopping



Pre-Service Questionnaire link


- Option to pay 20% deposit to secure booking, or complete upfront payment with 5% discount

- Please read FAQs to see if travel costs occur for you

- 2% credit card surcharge. No fee if paying by bank transfer

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Ready to chat?

- Online shopping service


Be sure to fill in the 'Pre-Service Questionnaire' (see step 1 on each service page for link) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This questionnaire provides me essential information to get the most out of working together.

The links can also be found in the pricing information above or feel free to contact me directly for the link.





0403 187 046 - please text first, as I may be with a client




Additional Information

Other Services

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Special Occasion & Event Fashion Styling

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Creative Marketing Shoots

Editorial/Lookbook Styling

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e-Commerce Store

Fashion Styling

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Commercial Film Advertisement Styling

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Corporate/Business/ Workplace Styling

This is likely an event where you want to be seen in what isn't your everyday wear and you want to hear the words  'WOW! You look amazing!'


I get to know about you, the event, your outfit goals and then bring it altogether.

Bringing your creative ideas to life to sell a lifestyle and brand message.


Your product is shown in a setting that communicates a feeling and leaves the customer longing for that look and lifestyle.

Great option for e-Commerce stores producing creative marketing/social content

Unlike creative fashion campaigns, e-commerce is all about selling the product and making sure it is the main focus of the image.


I make sure the model is there to compliment the product, not necessarily to be the face of it. It is to make sure that the product 'pops' so that the customer doesn't get confused about what you are selling

This service is offered to any business industry who is creating a commercial or film advertisement.


Your actors/actresses will be dressed tailored to the type of ad and not have the outfit distract the audience from the real message you are communicating to the audience.

If you are wanting to produce 'still' images for an advertisement, please view the Creative Marketing Shoots service.

A great gift idea for your employees, whether it's for new starters, recent probation completion, milestones, Christmas, or whenever a thank you is due. Not only is this a great gift idea, it helps set a company standard. This service combines your company dress code and your employees personality - together creating a 'uniform' and confidently dressed individual.