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Calm Crew: Alternative Period Pain Relief

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

On the day aunt flo visits, my boyfriend arms himself with at-least a block of chocolate, a litre of OJ and is ready to provide a heat pack as amo (clearly winning in the bf department!). As far as I am aware, I don't have endo, but I do suffer from painful periods that make me a docile whiner before eventually falling asleep for hours (level=corpse) and that is without the influence of codeine or any pain tablets.

Why does that matter and what has that got to do with this Calm Crew mob? Actually, everything. But first, since I am always transparent with you and with this post being no different, you should know that I am friends with the owners of Calm Crew. However, whether I knew them or not would have no affect my absolute love for this item and the benefits that it has, especially for women who suffer from painful periods!

What is Calm Crew?

Umm, my savior? Okay, seriously. It is an item of clothing that provides relief through the combination of a heat pack, essential oils and a jumper. There are three discreet zips that allow the success of this product:

  • One at the front, for when you experience cramps;

  • One at the back, for when you experience lower back aches; and

  • One at the collar where the tab for the essential oil of your choice goes

You simply microwave the wheat pack and insert it into the front or back compartment (depending on where you feel discomfort). Next, pop 2-3 drops of the Calm Crew Essential Oils on the reusable pad that inserts around the collar. The essential oils are not overpowering and currently available in an anxiety blend, clarity blend and calming blend. Take it up another level and put on a relaxing playlist (my go-to spotify playlists are acoustic chill and for a meditative option, the Yoga & Meditation playlist).

Since my page is all about styling, I obviously have to include some tips how to wear the Calm Crew. I was lucky enough to be the stylist -and one of the models- for their latest content shoot. I wanted to show the product in a way that was both suited to lounging around the house and being practical enough to casually wear in public, as if you were to go for a nice afternoon walk or sit on the beach and take in the sound of the ocean.

Styling Option One: loungewear

Because you most likely want to stay in when you're experiencing discomfort, my top pick is to pair the jumper with some stretchy ribbed pants or loose fitting lounge shorts. You could also choose bike shorts, however, I know I usually prefer something not so figure hugging when it's that time of month. Pair with some comfy socks, like any of these from Cotton On Group

Calm Crew styled with light blue jeans
Calm Crew styled with light blue jeans | Model: Tara Speck

Styling Option Two: slim fit jeans, denim shorts

When going into public, my choice would be a pair of slim-fit jeans or denim shorts. I don't really see denim mini skirts around much anymore, but you colour also try this. Footwear choice would be your classic low-top Converse or some slides from a brand like Urge footwear.

Calm Crew styled with light blue jeans
Calm Crew styled with light blue jeans | Model: Brit Grey

Styling Option Three: flowy mini skirt

If you want something a little more fun, try a flowy mini skirt with some frill at the hem. You could pair this with ankle boots or some low-profile skate shoes.

Colour Option: Neutral, earthy, white, light-blue denim, deep blue denim

The colours that best compliment the jumper are anything neutral - your sandy, earthy colours - if the fabric is lightweight/ribbed. If you choose denim, the preference would be light blue because the colour compliments the calming vibe of the product and matches well with the colour of the jumper itself. White is the next best option. If you wanted something a bit deeper, I would choose a deep blue denim before going to black. This is purely because black is a dominant colour and rather than sticking with the calming aesthetic, it provides more of a 'mood' look.

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