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Granny Pants: Lingeries' Latest Fashion Trend

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Lingerie has trends too, guys! And the big names in the fashion news space like @whowhatwear have called it - ‘granny pants’ are in.⁣

Remember how when growing up wearing high-sitting underwear meant you were wearing granny pants and there was nothing that hinted sexiness about that? Well, it’s 2020 now. That’s changed. Let’s also take a look at the whole WFH sitch, it’s gone from loungewear (ahmm trackies & loose-fit cotton shorts), to, well, singlets, crew socks and underwear. I love going back to basics, but never thought that I would be talking about this trend. ⁣

To be honest, I’m for it! But to clarify, we are talking about a modern take on granny pants where there’s detailed use of lace, strategic cutouts, seamless lines (in some cases) and of course, luxury-feeling fabrics. ⁣

Why have these come into trend? I have a few theories, but the first one is Kimmy K - enough said. Other theories? ⁣

- Because they’re simply just comfortable!⁣

- Because the world is all about high-waist styles and loungewear, this trend easily fits right in. ⁣

- The cuts tend to suit most body shapes, but usually opt for something that has a bit higher of a cut at the leg opening to lengthen the leg. ⁣

- Remember the high-waist bikini bottom trend (that’s still floating around) this possibly triggered something to reinvent the outdated granny pant, that we all know.

There’s not really a style tip here, it’s more a trend update and nod to getting on board with comfort! If you do want something to work with here though, here you go. Wear them with: ⁣

- Crew socks and singlet or jumper around the house⁣

- High-waist bottoms (seamless styles are likely best for fitting jeans/pants⁣

- Under a sheer skirt (you know that trend?) ⁣

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