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Homebodii - Bringing the Bedroom Outside: The Modern-Day Sleepwear

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Recently I was going through some Insta profiles and one poster asked the question 'do you wear your PJ's in public?''. My initial thought was a judgy no (haha!), but then I remembered when Jennifer Garner in Suddenly 30 (or 13 going on 30) rocked her nightie with a single-breasted coat, pumps and a handbag as she entered her posh workplace, Poise Magazine.

I had to put this sleepwear to daywear thought to the test. I reached out to one of my favourite sleepwear/intimates brands, Homebodii, to see if they would be interested in having me use their pieces in this post. Low and behold, it was a yes! For those who aren't aware of Homebodii, they are an Australian-based luxury sleepwear, bridal robe and intimates label that are well known for their beautiful use of feminine fabrics and prints. They also have an international presence, so you don't have to miss out if you're not based in Australia.

So, how can you wear the modern nightwear-inspired pieces in public, without looking like you got lost from the bedroom to the bathroom on an early morning? With a special thanks to Homebodii for supplying the pieces, here are your tips (and a little video):

Silky Camisoles:

The perfect example of how sleepwear has made its way to the public eye. The modern cami is soft, elegant, with lace detail and can be worn as its own item, rather than layered, although layering is always fun!

These pieces are my go-to when last minute plans pop up and you don't have much time to think up an outfit (just make sure you wear the right bra!). Try tucking in your cami with these combos:

  • High-waist jeans, heels of any height, some lippy, light make-up, a statement ring and you're good to go. If it's a breezy night, pair with a leather jacket - the play between a silky camisole, denim jeans and a leather jacket is simply chic

  • High-waist trousers, blazer (single or double breasted), point heels or boots and hair tied back. Style with minimal accessories

  • High-waist shorts (tailored or denim), sneakers or slides, a coin necklace, bracelet and your choice or hair up or down

  • Denim shorts, a casual blazer pushed up to elbow creases, mules and hair tied back

  • Layer an unbuttoned shirt into a mini-skirt and wear with either sneakers or heeled mules. I personally like this combo as all black in the clothing department (mixing fabrics), white sneakers and gold jewellery. If you wear sunglasses, I would either go black or clear (if they aren't for functional purposes)

Silky Slip Dress:

Traditionally, the slip has been worn as lingerie or the layer between skin and a sheer dress. However, in this day you (as with the other suggestions in this post) you will find the slip in both a PJ/Lingerie store and as mainstream street fashion. There is a very fine line between when this design actually does look like you are meant to be in the bedroom or whether you're effortlessly elegant. Make no mistake, it takes a certain confidence to be able to wear these in public and when done right ,all eyes will be on you for the right reasons.

  • Layer a mini slip dress over the top of a regular fit tee with some boots. Accessorise as much or as little as you like, but make sure to include some fashionable sunglasses

  • Much like the above, style over a long sleeve slim-fit top or for extra edge, make the top a sheer one and add a waist belt. You can do this with a long, short or midi slip, however if it is not mini I would recommend styling with strappy heels.

  • Layer with an oversized blazer and some strappy heels. Tie your hair back in a low bun. Because oversized blazers can start to look like they wear you - and not the other way around - you want to show a balance of skin. So, exposing your neck and some décolletage by tying your hair back and out of your face will help to balance this

  • Put your un-buttoned linen shirt over the slip and tie it at the waistline, roll the sleeves to your elbows, pop on some square-toe-heeled sandals, apply some soft make-up and accessorise with a structured handbag and a simple bracelet

  • In a midi slip, try adding a 1-2" waist-belt with a centred buckle. Ankle boots will look cute and a nice multi-layer necklace. However, make-sure the necklace is eye-catching, but not distracting from the rest of the look

  • After a more earthy care-free look? Go tonal with neutral colours. Layer a knit over the top, pop on some ankle boots, a fedora and some sunglasses.

  • What about a sneaker look? Don't worry, I haven't forgotten... Choose your favourite pair of white sneakers (I love white platform Superga's) and use your denim jacket to layer as a jacket or tie around your waist. Accessorise with some cute hair clips and simple necklace

The Lacy Corset/Bodysuit/Bustier

A trend that has died down, but was almost a shock when it started hitting our fashion feeds and quickly caught on. When styled right, this is a very alluring and body-confident look. The biggest tip here is that if you are wearing a lacy bodysuit in public to be respectful of others (specifically children) and keep it tasteful.

  • A very alluring and boss-lady outfit is a tailored suit (blazer and pants) with a lace bodysuit. Leave the blazer open, style with heels, a clutch, a statement ring and some classic Chanel-like sunglasses. Ensure the pants are high-waist and try slicking your hair back and applying a bold lip.

  • Ultra high-waist-black-skinny-jean (mouthful!) with a black belt and gold buckle, black bodysuit and some black patent leather point heels. If you want to cover up a little more, style with a tailored or even oversized black blazer. Wear with gold jewellery and a bold lip.

  • Some light blue slim-fit (or anything other than skinny) jeans with a white lace bodysuit, nude strappy heels and a neutral colour fedora. Wear your hair however you like - braids or loose waves are an idea

  • Try with a high-waist maxi skirt or if you're feeling fun, try with a tutu-like skirt. Wear strappy heels.

  • A very luxe fabric combination is lace and velvet. If you're confident enough find a velvet suit and bring out that inner fashionista

The Long Sleeve Blouse

This one may not have been inspired by the bedroom per se, although long sleeve bed shirts have been around for a long time. With modern sleepwear taking a popular turn to linens and some luxe fabrics, the long sleeve blouse definitely deserves a place on the list. If there is any item on this list to be most mindful when styling [to not look like you actually are wearing PJ's], it's this one. Many of these designs are only meant to be worn to bed and should probably not try to venture outdoors.

  • With a hugging and ultra high-waist skirt, tuck in the blouse and let some fabric hang around the waist-band. If you have short hair, style it as soft bed hair and if you have long hair, tie it back into a low ponytail. Wear some point heels and sunglasses. Now you have a business woman look.

  • Tuck in to a pair of light blue jeans, add a waist belt, some nude heels and double hair clips. Finish with a clutch and thin-chain necklace

  • Tuck in to your favourite pair of fitted-waist, high-waist pants (palazzo style looks quite nice) and leave a small amount of fabric to overhang the waistband. Again, style with some heels and pull your hair back. If you have short hair, you can just tuck it behind your ears and secure with some hair clips. A rectangle clutch with a wrist strap will work nicely as your bag

Interested in finding more about Homebodii? Head to their website or any of the Homebodii stockists Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, Revolve Clothing, BHLDN, The Iconic and David Jones

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