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How to Style a Sheer Black Top

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Ahh black sheer, so alluring and stylish 😍 It’s an all time favourite of mine because of its versatility to go from office to party. Wait, office? Yes... read on

  • If you plan on wearing sheer to the office, put a cami underneath so that you’re covered enough. This looks especially nice when it is a black sheer blouse with a neck-tie, high waist pants and point heels

  • Looking to add some edge or seductiveness to your look? Wear a bralette or solid black bandeau bra. Avoid t-shirt bras. Tip: if you want the bandeau look, less the frequent adjusting, grab some clear bra straps

  • Wear it as a layer: hear me out, these are a great layering piece. Style sheer under a slim little black dress or strappy jumpsuit. It adds extra 'fashion' to your look

  • Many people steer clear of sheer because it shows the stomach. Here's a simple fix: any high-waisted bottoms will help hide this area. Be mindful of belts, these can potentially draw more attention to the stomach.

  • A sheer black top with embroidery or detail will soften the look (i.e. move away from a street/grunge look)

  • Black on black is my personal favourite and top recommendation, but there other options, many other options. Blue denim, plum, wine, white, champagne, leopard print, but perhaps the most important thing when beginning to style this type of material is to wear a solid texture bottom - this helps avoid looking 'too much'

  • You will probably want to try and wear makeup with at least a coloured lip when wearing black sheer. It can have washing out effects and in some cases make it look like your clothes are wearing you, instead of you wearing them

  • For a more sophisticated look, have your hair tied back

Featuring this gorgeous Alice McCall top from @glamouravenue_dresshire

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