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How Should You Wear a Maxi Skirt?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

For years I would say I can’t wear maxi skirts/dresses because I’m too short and they make me look stubby. Truthfully, I just hadn’t found the right one. ⁣

Now, I know there are girls and women out there who would love to wear this style, but just don’t know how. So here is some @styling.bd guidance: ⁣

Styling a maxi Skirt, pleated skirt

• Maxi’s started to make a real comeback when ‘boho’ was every second person’s vibe. Now they have made their way into mainstream fashion⁣ and boy am I happy about that!

• Newbie to the maxi world? Try black first. It’s easy to play around with to get used to and dress up or down. ⁣

• These skirts typically graze the ground to the ankle before it starts to become a midi⁣ skirt

• The maxi is a great transitional piece for in between seasons like entering and leaving Summer ⁣

• Perfect when it’s too hot to wear jeans/pants, but there’s no time to do some TLC on your legs ⁣

• For a casual look, try styling with a logo tee either knotted or tucked in ⁣

• For a fashion look, try a crop top with bold features like vibrant colours or a crop tube top with a bow detail ⁣

• For a more elegant or luxe look go for a breezy blouse and tuck it in⁣

• Already own a colourful maxi skirt but don’t know what to do with it? White. White tee, tank, cami, crop, blouse.⁣

• A pleated maxi is a big step if you are just starting out, but they are very trendy and speak for themselves. I personally love to couple a pleat with a biker jacket⁣ and cami or tee

• To accessorise this piece, try a waist belt if the skirt doesn’t have its own. Find something that covers the band but doesn't clash with the pattern or fabric.⁣

• If you’re short and want to add height (apart from obviously chucking on heels) a v-neck will help elongate⁣ your look

• If you’re tall & slim, horizontal patterns high-neck and voluminous sleeves should broaden your look

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