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Styling your Pear or Triangle Body Shape

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This post forms part of my Body Shape Style Tips Guide on Instagram. View this post for more information.

Lot’s of easy tips for you to follow if you are struggling to find your style for your shape. But please always remember that these are just guidelines and if you feel good in things that say you should avoid, skip that guideline all together and keeping owning your confidence! ⁣

Edit: I forgot to mention (in my IG post), that you totally can still wear soft pattern bottoms, as long as you’re upper is still the main focus. My pattern of choice for you would be faint vertical stripes

Features of a Pear or Triangle Body Shape

  • You have lovely curvy hips

  • Your hips span wider than your shoulders

  • Your behind likely fills jeans as they are intended

  • Your bust is likely, but not exclusively, smaller

  • You possibly find it more difficult to lose weight

General Tips and Guidelines

  • Lean into and love your smaller waist and upper body by drawing attention there

  • Wear fabulous tops that catch eye, rather than statement bottoms that will emphasise your curvier bottom half

  • Wearing tops that are fitted around the shoulders are your friend

  • Necklines that will flatter you are cowl necks, off-the-shoulder, asymmetrical, v-necks, Sabrina, strapless and scooped necklines

  • Wear statement jewellery (necklaces and earrings) 

  • Invest in a GOOD push-up bra if you have a small bust to distract the eye from the bottom half


  • You can likely afford to wear horizontal stripes on your upper half (which will broaden the shoulders

  • Take your pick of bold prints up top because it all draws the eye upwards


  • Bandeau tops to emphasise your smaller upper (unless you have a small bust)

  • Underwire tops to help boost the bust 

  • Any top that has voluminous frill 

  • Halter neck to broaden the shoulders (unless you have a big bust, this might not be suitable)

  • If you want to wear a one piece, opt for one with a half print up top and solid colour down the bottom to draw attention upwards. Otherwise, something with a belt that breaks up the top and bottom

  • High-waist block colour bikini bottoms with an interesting top is going to help balance your frame. The high waist will help elongate the legs

  • Avoid boy shorts


  • Mid-rise or high-rise will flatter you best

  • Straight leg pants/jeans is likely your best option as they will skim over the hip and straight towards the ground without emphasising extra curve. Other options might be flare or boot-cut

  • A-line skirts and fit and flare midi’s are what you might feel your best in

Looks to Avoid

  • Balloon sleeves that will draw attention to your lower half when your hands are by your side 

  • Embellishment’s on your bottom half

  • Belts that sit on your hips

  • Drop-waist skirts or dresses (this is usually with tiered skirts or where ‘late’ frilling is introduced)

  • Square-look structures (straight dresses, boxy tees, oversized (OS) tees)

  • Long-fitting tops, as they can make your hips appear wider. However, jackets/longline blazers can be an exception when they finish mid-thigh and open

  • Peplum tops

  • Low rise pants


Need some celebrity Inspo? Search these celebrities outfits online for some outfit inspo. Hint, you may look at these celebs and think that they have an hourglass shape, but their stylists are pretty great at what they do and creates this illusion.

  • Kim Kardashian

  • Jennifer Lopez

  • Rihanna


If you need help finding your body shape, go to my bikini post, here. If you're still not sure, let me know by commenting on the post.

These are only guidelines. If there is something that you love, but it is advised to avoid, don't worry about it! Style is about you and you are you're best when you feel confident. So, don't let a little guideline deter you from something you feel good in

Make sure you're following my account @STYLING.BD if this isn't your shape - I still have others to come over the next couple of weeks. Also, I hear it's a pretty good page if you want to keep seeing more styling tips in general ;)

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