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What is Warm Red & Cool Red? Find Out Here

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Today I want to talk about warm vs cool red and who benefits from these colours. ⁣

Red backless blouse, red top, evening top, statement earrings

To an untrained eye you would be thinking ‘isn’t red, just red and I either suit it or not?’. The answer is no and it’s because of undertones (and anyone can wear the right shade of red). ⁣

Examples of two tones of red that have a different undertone or tint to them: ⁣

• Brick red has a warm, orange-yellow tint best suited for warm skin tones⁣

• Wine red has a blue undertone and best suited for cool skin tones ⁣

What on earth is this warm and cool talk? ⁣

It’s not necessarily to do with the surface of your skin, it’s about what’s happening underneath and the quickest way to find out what you are is having a good old check of your veins. ⁣

Make sure you’re in natural light, free from recent intense sun exposure and your forearms are clean. ⁣

• Blue or purple veins = cool ⁣

• Green = warm ⁣

• Uhh they’re both? = neutral⁣

I lean more towards the cool side, but don’t mind adding splashes of warm when needed. ⁣

A couple points: ⁣

• medium to dark skin can pull off pretty much any red. Although true red can look a little washed out, so go for vibrant on any side of the scale⁣

• Many people can pull off TRUE RED (that is there is no favouring of blue or yellow in the undertone) ⁣

• Other warm reds might be: scarlet, tomato red, rust, terracotta⁣

• Other cool reds: coral red, cranberry, berry, burgundy, sangria⁣

• This is only a guide and there are so many factors like hair colour, complexion, eye colour that will determine your best red. This guide should help you get started in exploring

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