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How to Wear a LWD (Little White Dress)

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Admit it, whenever you see a woman in a white dress you can’t help but look in awe. It’s an attention stealer, eye catcher and a statement in its own right. Is it possibly because it’s tradition that a bride wear white and on that day she be the centre of attention? Who knows… What I do know is that I’m ready to give you some tips on wearing a pure white dress. Flick through the images to get in the know. ⁣

What does white generally symbolise?

  • Light, purity, innocence, perfection, softness and freshness

General tips for wearing a pure white dress

  • The Little White Dress (LWD) is taking some market share from the LBD as a trend

  • Wear skin-colour underwear, not white. Spanx are also a good option

  • Buy good quality white fabrics to avoid the garment being see-through. It’s not a certainty, but less-likely.

  • Buying a lined white dress means it is less likely to be see-through

  • The dress is the hero, but add vibe and personality with the accessories and footwear, be careful to not overdo it and take away from the hero though

  • Yes, white can make you look bigger than your actual size, but there are tricks like wearing a plunging or v-neckline and a pointed shoe. Anything that gives the illusion of elongating or tieing in at the waist (think a fitted bodice or suitable bel

Accessory and footwear colours to pair with

  • Make your dress the only focus by accessorising with clear pieces

  • Go for a vibrant colour like orange, yellow, multi if you want to add some fun and positivity to your look 

  • Wear earthy tones like brown, sand and rust to channel a natural look

  • Wear black for a modern, monochromatic, mood look 

  • Add some party to your look by including metallic or sparkles

Some white fabric choices and the vibe they give

  • Wanting a beachy, easy-going or 'cute' vibe? Choose 100% cotton. Frill, flow and puff will provide the cutesy aesthetic

  • A linen fabric has a very coastal and luxe look

  • Wearing a silk dress is alluring, elegant, delicate and ‘untouchable’, in my opinion

  • Rib knit is similar to linen, in terms of the aesthetic feel to it. It’s casual, yet luxurious, when styled right

  • Chiffon (a mostly sheer fabric) is great for formal events, especially when there is embroidered detail. During the day, soft ruffles give a perfectly chic look. Short chiffon dresses usually work as a nice resort-style or casual event choice.

  • Jersey fabric is just an all-round casual, no fuss fabric, but tends to show everything. Best to wear spanx with this kind.

This is very general advice and of course heavily depends on the style/cut/fit of the dress. There are also many other fabrics available, these are just some of the popular choices.

My personal favourite pairings

  • A babydoll style dress, white sneaker, gold jewellery and neutral purse

  • A maxi rib-knit dress with sneakers for a casual look or for a more sophisticated look, strappy heels. Both with a rectangle purse and statement ring

  • A cotton embroidered mini dress with a black mule 

  • I personally love a yellow strappy stiletto-style heel with a pure white dress

  • What really finishes a white outfit is all the little details like having your nails painted or manicured, your hair, sunglasses, bags etc.

A couple of rules

  • DO NOT WEAR IT TO A WEDDING UNLESS YOU ARE THE BRIDE (or plan on being the after-wedding gossip). In saying that, white can obviously be mixed in to your outfit. Just don’t wear a solid white outfit

  • Do an underwear check. It’s generally understood that people don't want to see your underwear choice of the day. Skin colour is always the safest choice

Washing guide

  • Be careful of over-bleaching, it can have a tendency to turn white into yellow if it is too powerful 

  • Pit marks? Try the Sard Wonder Stick 

  • Instant mark remover? The ‘Tide To Go’ stain remover pen has been sworn to work

  • Dab any marks. Avoid rubbing

  • Try washing in the hottest water with a good detergent, but please read the care tag first as some materials cannot handle the high temps. There is also a debate about hot vs cold and it’s up to you to determine what side you’re on here.

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