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What Bikini To Buy This Summer: Bikini Bottom Guide

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

You all saw my post on what bikini top to buy, yes? Well, this is Part ii - what bikini bottom to buy this summer! The amount of bottom styles out there can be just as overwhelming as choosing the right top. Hopefully with this bikini bottom 🧽 guide, it will make your decision a little easier.

As with bikini tops, labels tend to crossover styles, hence why there is an overwhelming amount of choice. With all that choice means that there is the perfect fit for you out there, somewhere.

Brazilian Bikini Bottom

Famous for its revealing cut and skin exposure to reduce the width of tan lines. It’s very eye-catching, for obvious reasons, and requires absolute confidence to wear. The style is generally meant to cover only the top half of your booty - think of them as a 'Y' shape, rather than 'V'

Vega Brazilian Bikini Bottom by Twiin Malibu Bikini Bottom Midnight

$49.95 By Black Swallow


High Cut Bikini Bottom

Appears like a boomerang due to the curve/dip at the front and the high-cut leg opening. This style generally both elongates the torso and legs. The cut sits above the hip bone and the band can be wide, slim, fixed, adjustable or as a one piece.

Bella High Cut Pant by Rhythm Jenna High Waist High Cut Bikini

$49.95 By Frankies Bikinis


Bikini Thong

Just like the Brazilian cut bikini bottom, Bikini thong bottoms gets you very close to no tan lines. Requires confidence to wear, because everything is on display here. The thong tends to have a fixed, slightly wider waist band in comparison to the Brazilian style.

Ibiza G-String Bottom by Cali Rae Phoenix Bikini Bottoms Khaki

$49.95 by Black Swallow


Side-tie Bikini Bottom

Famous for their ease of customisable fit and sweet little tassels. This style generally offers medium coverage and has really only changed over the years by making the coverage adjustable too. It's suitability for anything other than tanning and a quick dip in the water? Not a whole lot, but they sure are cute!

The Pharr by MYRASWIM in Fawn Terra Lilly Tie Pant by Indaia Swim

$99 $75

Cheeky Bikini Bottom

The Cheeky Bikini Bottom has a coverage somewhere between a regular bikini bottom and a Brazilian style. Cheeky is one style that is crossed over with many others. It's personally a fave of mine.

Leopard Cheeky Bikini By Ark Swimwear Cheeky Bottom by Jaymes Swimwear

$60 on Sale $40

Hipster Bikini Bottom

A wide hip hugging design that is mostly universally flattering. Usually between medium-full coverage and perfect for women who like a natural high style (without being high-waisted) and women who feel better about more frontal coverage.

Active Multi Strap Bikini Bottom by Seafolly Puck Hipster Bikini Bottom in Patchwork

$59.95 By Frankies Bikinis


High Waist Bikini Bottom

Ahh the perfect vintage meets modern combination that’s both classy and functional. A rise that sits on your natural waist will help create curve to your body.

Lolita Bottom Zebra by Jaymes Swim Jamaica High Waist Bottoms by Cali Rae

$80 $59.95

Classic Brief Bikini Bottom

These really don't need much of an intro... They are as classic as the triangle bikini top and still the go-to for many women. They provide moderate coverage and a fixed waist band.

The Towelling Classic Brief by Zulu & Zephyr Full Bikini Bottom Cotton On Body

$80 $19.99

Boyshort Bikini Bottom

Inspired by the boys boxer short, but much more fitting. Boyshorts provide full seat coverage and in most recent times are offered in high waist styles, as well as hipster styles.

Forget Me Not Ruched Belted Short The Signature Boy Short in Hot Pink

Peony Zulu & Zephyr

$160 $90

Okay, not a typical boy short, but a modern


Ruched Bikini Bottom

After the 'bubble-booty' look? The ruched back bikini bottom is the style to seek out. The back seam has been sewn to create ruching and shape to the booty. Also referred to as 'Scrunch' in the bikini world.

Blanc Lua Cheeky Pant by Indaia Swim Lola Tri-Side Bikini Bottom

$80 Styelle Swim


Other Tips For Buying Bikini Bottoms:

Flat Bum? If you have a flat bum the bikini bottom that you could try is anything with back details of ruching, frill, or bows (try dollboxx).

Big Bum? This all comes down to personal preference of how much you like to reveal. High-cut bikini bottoms can feel a little too exposing for some women and you might like a fuller coverage bikini bottom.

Short Legs? The high-cut styles (this includes one pieces too) show off more skin and start the ‘beginning’ of your leg higher, therefore making your legs appear longer.

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