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New or Small Brand Website Guidance

  • Small or new e-commerce retailers who want to improve sales and customer site experience 

  • Front-end website audit (what the customer sees)

  • Honest feedback and guidance on where you need to make changes to increase conversions and lower your bounce rate

  • Includes a quick Instagram check, on-top of the full front-end website audit

  • A fraction of the cost of a consultancy firm

Are you a new or small e-Commerce business that isn’t seeing the traction/transactions that you would like, but also don’t have the budget to engage with a consultancy firm? Maybe you just need some guidance and a nudge in the right direction to start making those bigger sales. This service is for you!

What you receive is a full front-end (what the customer sees) website audit and Instagram check with a document that clearly explains where you need to improve to bring in and convert potential customers into returning customers. 

Being this is not a 'professional' service, it costs a fraction of the price of a consulting firm. Nonetheless you will come out of this service with key guidance and put on the right track to making more sales with a better customer experience. 

Ready to start converting those customers and giving them a better experience? Yeah, you are! Fill in the pre-service questionnaire or visit the service information page to learn more

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Mainly an apparel retailer and interested in having your products styled? This service also includes a $99 off voucher for e-commerce styling (when styling is done in-person).



Transparent Pricing

New Website Audit to Increase Sales


Pre-Service Questionnaire Link


- 1.5% credit card surcharge. No fee if paying by bank transfer


About Your Stylist

Brighley Dangerfield


From the moment I could talk I told my mum she wasn't allowed to dress me anymore, I was free to express myself exactly as I wanted to, even when that meant questionable wardrobe choices. I haven't let anyone tell me how I should dress since.

When I was four years old I was the flower girl at my aunts wedding. I wore the most beautiful dress that I have ever seen and instantly fell in love with the elegant detail. This dress was too special for only one occasion, so it was to be worn whenever I wanted to feel like a princess. This dress still holds a place in my wardrobe and is always there to remind me of my eye for detail.

When I was 17 I was determined to work in a job that allowed me to dress sophisticated and wear high heels every other day. It helped me go to work confident and fueled my desire to always put thought into what I wear and how I present myself.

At 21 I knew putting outfits together meant more to me than something I just enjoyed doing for myself. I studied peoples outfit choices, enjoyed reading about fashion and mapping in my mind how to put outfits together and figuring out why certain things did and didn't work. So, I switched professions to pursue a buying career with a well-known online retailer and 

found myself styling some campaigns and e-Commerce gallery outfits (among other things).

Fast forward to May 2020, I needed a bigger creative outlet for fashion and started, a page where I share styling tips to help women have more confidence in how they dress and understand their choices. With such positive feedback, it showed me how much women and brands appreciate the style guidance. 

Whether you are in search for a personal stylist or a stylist to communicate your brand message, rest assured that you are in capable and confident hands.


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Be sure to fill in the 'Pre-Service Questionnaire' (see step 1 on each service page for link) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This questionnaire provides me essential information to get the most out of working together.

The links can also be found in the pricing information above or feel free to contact me directly for the link.





0403 187 046 - please text first, as I may be with a client




Additional Information

Other Services

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Personal Wardrobe

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E-Commerce Gallery Styling


Occasion & Event

Fashion Styling


Creative Marketing

Content Styling

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Corporate/Business/ Workplace Styling

This is all about getting to know your personality, and assessing your concerns and wardrobe. It does not necessarily require you to go buy a whole new wardrobe.


I offer a range of services in this category that all essentially leave you feeling more confident in your wardrobe.

Unlike creative fashion campaigns, e-commerce is all about selling the product and making sure it is the main focus of the image.


I make sure the model is there to compliment the product, not necessarily to be the face of it. It is to make sure that the product 'pops' so that the customer doesn't get confused about what you are selling

This is likely an event where you want to be seen in what isn't your everyday wear and you want to hear the words  'WOW! You look amazing!'


I get to know about you, the event, your outfit goals and then bring it altogether.

Bringing your creative ideas to life to sell a lifestyle and brand message.

Your product is shown in a setting that communicates a feeling and leaves the customer longing for that look and lifestyle.

Great option for e-Commerce stores producing creative marketing/social content

A great gift idea for your employees, whether it's for new starters, recent probation completion, milestones, Christmas, or whenever a thank you is due. Not only is this a great gift idea, it helps set a company standard. This service combines your company dress code and your employees personality - together creating a 'uniform' and confidently dressed individual.