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'If you only had your style to speak for you, what would you want it to say about you?' 

This question works for any brand, business or person. If you're a clothing label or in e-Commerce, the items you sell tell the customer who you are; if you're a business, how your employees dress sets a tone for the company, and; as an individual, how you dress talks for your personality before you have the chance to.

Style really is your first impression. 

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Styling for e-Commerce requires quick judgement of what is and isn't going to work together. Every minute counts in e-Comm studio shoots and an effective team is essential to shooting within a timeframe.

Above working to a schedule, it's about understanding your brand message, vision and target customer, then using that knowledge to style your product in a way that sells by talking to each of those points. 

Let's start selling effectively, together!


E-Commerce Gallery Styling
This service can be offered virtually or in-person


Business lunches to baby showers, formals to festivals and birthdays to weddings - if it's an event, I will make sure you are dressed to the occasion, no matter what look you’re going for.  This is the time to get out of your everyday attire, have some fun and feel amazing! 


Special Occasion & Event Styling
This service can be offered virtually or in-person. 


Do you have a story that needs to be told about an upcoming collection or marketing campaign? Your standard e-Commerce photos just won’t do the trick. We need to show lifestyle and personality to your audience and take them on a mini journey into your brand. Two examples of creative styling: 


Lookbook Styling:
Combines editorial and catalogue styling

Fashion Editorial Styling:

Usually a storyline where a model acts a role and creates powerful statements through expression and movement


This service also caters to brands needing social content
Option to cater for accessory, footwear & jewellery brands


(Lookbook, editorial, social content)

Creative Marketing Content Styling
This service is offered in-person


Are your current clothes bringing your down? Done with your wardrobe? Just want some new outfits to feel good in? This is the service for you. 

Personal styling is all about helping you achieve confidence in your wardrobe and fine tuning your personal style. It’s about getting to know you and your goals, both professionally and personally. 

Under this category, I offer: 

Virtual (Online) Wardrobe Clearout & Wardrobe Gap Filler
In-Person Wardrobe Clearout & Wardrobe Gap Filler
I Don't Know What to do With It Styling


All information provided is 'bitesize' and memorable, so that you can easily read it and refer back to as you please.




Personal Wardrobe Styling
This service can be offered virtually or in-person. 



Are you shooting a commercial involving actors, actresses and extras to promote a service or product? Your talent needs to send the right message to your audience, with the help of wardrobe styling. 

The outfit must not be distracting to the key message or the advertisement. It rather compliments or emphasises the message and relates to your customer.


Commercial (Film) Advertising Styling
This service is offered in-person


A great gift idea for your employees, whether it's for new starters, recent probation-period completion, milestones, Christmas, or whenever a thank you is due.


Not only is this a great gift idea, it helps set a company standard. This service combines your company dress code and your employees personality - together creating a 'uniform' and confidently dressed individual.


Business Workplace Styling
This service is offered in-person. 

IMG_8721 (1).jpg


Looking for some new additions to your wardrobe? Look no further!


Under Personal Shopping your have the option to purchase an online or in-person package, giving you the chance to receive expert shopping guidance in a way that suits your lifestyle


Personal Shopping
This service can be offered virtually or in-person. 

Non-Styling Service

Small Brand e-Commerce Website & Social Audit

To improve your sales and site experience!

  • Small or new e-commerce retailers who want to improve sales and customer site experience 

  • Front-end website audit (what the customer sees)

  • Honest feedback and guidance on where you need to make changes to increase conversions and lower your bounce rate

  • Includes a quick Instagram check, on-top of the full front-end website audit

  • A fraction of the cost of a consultancy firm

Are you a new or small e-Commerce business that isn’t seeing the traction/transactions that you would like, but also don’t have the budget to engage with a consultancy firm? Maybe you just need some guidance and a nudge in the right direction to start making those bigger sales. This service is for you!

What you receive is a full front-end (what the customer sees) website audit and Instagram check with a document that clearly explains where you need to improve to bring in and convert potential customers into returning customers. 

Being this is not a 'professional' service, it costs a fraction of the price of a consulting firm. Nonetheless you will come out of this service with key guidance and put on the right track to making more sales with a better customer experience. 

Ready to start converting those customers and giving them a better experience? Yeah, you are! Fill in the pre-service questionnaire or visit the service information page to learn more

Mainly an apparel retailer and interested in having your products styled as well? This service also includes a $99 discount voucher for e-commerce styling (when styling is done in-person).